Best items in Minecraft education

Minecraft Education Edition has become the global standard for education in many schools and institutions. Many students enjoy Minecraft, one of the most loved games.

Education Edition was designed to allow players to learn and study at the same time as playing their favorite games. While it is similar to the base game, it has many unique features, such as elements and compounds, balloons, and more.

Mojang has added exact formulas and recipes to Education Edition in order to help players understand elements and compounds. Nearly all elements, compounds, products have realistic characteristics. This article will show you some of the exciting items that can be made in Education Edition.

Minecraft Education Edition: The Best Crafts

5) Colored torches

Education Edition includes four types of colored torches in addition to the regular torch and soul torch. To change the color of their torches, players can add metal chlorides. To change colors, they can use these metal chlorides:

Players should be aware that colored torches are only for aesthetic purposes. Unfortunately, colored torches don't emit colored light.

4) Hardened glass

Minecraft Education Edition uses hardened glass, which is chemically stronger than regular glass. You can create hardened glass by adding three aluminum oxide, three triboronoxide, and three glasses.

Stitched glass can be used instead of glass. You don't need a Silk Touch pickaxe to break hardened glass. Hardened glass is more vibrant than regular glass.

3) Underwater TNT

TNT is a popular block in Minecraft. TNTs are a favorite weapon for players to use to destroy blocks. TNTs are not able to work underwater under normal conditions. TNTs do not explode underwater but they can still break down blocks.

You can make underwater TNT by adding sodium and regular TNT. It is the same texture as TNT, but in aquamarine.

2) Balloon

Balloons have been requested by many players for quite some time. Developers added it to Education Edition instead. Balloons can be made from craftable objects that float in air and can be attached to walls and fences.

Six latex, one helium and one lead are used to make a balloon. You can make 16 different balloon colors.

1) Medicines

Minecraft Education Edition allows players to make potions and other medicines. You can make eye drops, antidotes and elixirs. You can make these medicines by adding the following ingredients in an odd potions to a brewing stand.

The antidote treats poison, the elixir heals weakness, and calcium cures blindness. These medicines can be used by players to treat negative effects.