Dragon omelette

Dragon Egg is a rare item in Minecraft. It has an ending game. To finish the game, players must defeat Ender Dragon, a huge beast that can be killed by humans. After the dragon is defeated its egg will hatch on the island's middle.

Because it is not possible to craft or find in any chest loot, trade or barter the Dragon Egg, it is extremely rare. It spawns only after the Ender Dragon has died. It can be a little tricky to take and use the rare egg.

Everything you need to know about the Dragon Egg in Minecraft

Size and shape

After defeating The Enger Dragon, players will find the egg on top the bedrock fountain. The egg is twice the height and width of a regular block, but it will look like a huge egg. It occupies the entire block where it is placed.

The egg is predominantly black with subtle shades of purple. This suits the End realm's aesthetic.

How to get an egg

Nearly all new gamers will attempt to mine a Dragon Egg first, even if they haven't yet. The egg will instantly teleport nearby, so it can't be mined or broken.

The egg's gravity affects it and causes it to fall whenever it is in the air. Users have found that pushing the Dragon Egg onto an item of less block height (such as a torch or bottom slab) is the best way to obtain it.

To push the egg off the block, a piston can be placed beside it. The egg can then fall onto a torch and half slab. It will drop as an object, which can be picked up by players as soon as it is freed. This is the only way you can get the Dragon Egg.

What is the purpose?

Many gamers fantasize about hatching an egg and summoning the Ender Dragon once again. However, this is not possible. The egg is not required to summon the dragon.

Minecraft's egg has one purpose: It is a trophy that Minecraft gives to players who defeat the dragon or complete the game.

End Crystals can be used to summon another dragon. However, the egg does not help players summon another dragon.

How many eggs can you spawn?

Here is the rare part. The Java Edition egg cannot spawn twice, while the Bedrock edition can only spawn one. The egg will not spawn even after many gamers defeat the dragon.

It is therefore the most rare item in the game and can only be acquired once or twice.