How to make an antidote in Minecraft


How to make an antidote in Minecraft

Antidote is one of the four Minecraft medicines. It can be used to remove poison from players, but it also has interesting connections with real-world issues like Education Edition.

We have more information about the Antidote and other healing remedies in Minecraft Edition.

To make an Antidote, you will need to boil some items

Minecraft players have the ability to create four different medicines by using an element from Education Edition. Most players are familiar with Awkward Potion creation. It is available in other versions of Minecraft. All you need to do is brew Netherwart into a container filled with water. Players will then need to find silver to make an Antidote.

Medicines in Minecraft Education Edition with their real-life components

Players can make their Antidote in Minecraft Education Edition and eat it. It will take away any poison status effects that were placed on them, regardless of origin. This is a real-world aspect of the story. Folklore said silver could detect poison and illness in the body. Although this is not true, silver has anti-microbial qualities that allow it to be used in medicine to treat burns and disinfect water.

Minecraft players can also make other medicines by distilling other elements in their brewing stand. A breakdown of these can be found below.

Before creating these medicines, it is important to note that they cannot be used unless Minecraft players have the appropriate status effect. Unfortunately, medicine cannot be transformed into extended, lingering, or enhanced potions. To help others, you will need to give the medicine to them and let them take it. Minecraft: Education Edition has all the necessary elements and materials for making medicines. This means that students and casual Minecraft gamers will have plenty of opportunities to make medications to avoid the annoying side effects.