Impressive library in Minecraft

A Minecraft redditor recently shared an in-game library project which offers tons of uncensored journalism, from different countries. Although the sandbox is intended for recreational purposes only, many people use it to speak out and make a difference in the world.

In March 2020, the Uncensored Library project was launched. This huge library houses many books of journalism from different countries and was built in-game. These books are free of oppression and contain news and information that is completely uncensored.

Redditor posted yesterday about the library on a non-Minecraft page. It received a lot attention. Many people commented on the enormous project and the endless possibilities of the game, and many others flocked to the tweet.

People's reactions to The Uncensored Library: Minecraft

Many people were impressed by the size of the library and became more interested in the construction. The library was discussed as well as the game's potential to create almost anything. Reddit users also voted for the post, which received thousands of likes.

Many people spoke out about the freedom and vastness that the sandbox game offers and how this can help to create a metaverse. Many people also mentioned the fact that metaverses are already being created online, and that the game could be an important part of them.

Redditors shared a comment about a huge Minecraft project in which players build the entire world.

The original poster for the project commented on their official site, and how it also included news and information about COVID in various countries such as Brazil, China, Hungary, etc.

Redditor another shared his experience downloading the library map, and then visiting it. However, he explained that the library map was not sufficient and felt more like a PR campaign than actual news.

People also laughed about the possibility that the governments of different countries will learn about the project and send an army to destroy the library.