Minecraft Server List


Minecraft Server List

Minecraft includes an in-game Minecraft server list for Minecraft multiplayer in which users can save the Minecraft servers they visit.

In Minecraft Java Edition, there is no pre-populated Minecraft servers directly available from in-game itself or on the official Minecraft website, but the stand-alone Minecraft Java Edition launcher does support adding servers in the Minecraft Multiplayer section. It allows players to see if a server is online, how many slots it has, and how good the Minecraft player's connection (ping time) to the server is. Hovering over the connection status icon in Minecraft's server list tells the player the connection speed to the Minecraft server.
When first loading up the Minecraft multiplayer list, the player receives a warning regarding online play not being rated. If the Minecraft player wishes not to see this again, there is a 'Do not show this screen again' checkbox.
In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the Minecraft servers has a section for featured Minecraft servers that have partnered with Minecraft Mojang Studios. In the console versions, these are the only Minecraft servers available, as there is no option to add unofficial Minecraft servers.

Several Minecraft websites provide a place for server owners to publicly advertise their Minecraft servers, listing IP addresses and other information about these Minecraft servers. There were two Minecraft sites of note (both defunct): the official Minecraft Classic server list maintained by Mojang Studios and the public Minecraft servers at the Minecraft Forums.

In Minecraft Java Edition, the Minecraft servers appear on the list in a set order, which can be changed. To change the order the Minecraft servers appear on the list, the Minecraft player can hover over the server they like to remove and use the arrows to move the server up or down on the list. Alternatively, the player can hold ⇧ Shift and use the arrow keys.
In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the Minecraft servers are always in order.